Here is a list of articles, essays and videos having to do with teens in prison and mass incarceration
1. Interesting article on putting a real face on offenders and efforts to reduce incarceration.

2. Info on California SB260….a law giving new hope to inmates sentenced as teenagers

3. Criminal justice reform is a non-partisan issue….here’s a conservative view

4. States are increasingly looking at re-visiting extreme sentences.

5. Video: Michelle Alexander…”the New Jim Crow…Mass Incarceration in the age of Color Blindness.

6. Video:  Kentucky’s effort to deal with mass incarceration….PBS special

7. New ( Nov 2014) campaign to end mass incarceration…

8. Huffington Post article on innovative prison programs

9. Research shows the limited effects of incarceration

10. Austin American Statesman editorial on over-used solitary confinement

11. The failure of mass incarceration

12. Overuse, excessive cost and dangers of solitary confinement

13. Five states moving forward with criminal justice reform – 2-18-15

14. The high cost of incarceration

15. Private companies profiting from mass incarceration

16. Norquist and fighting crime on a budget

17. Potential changes in Texas juvenile justice

18. Guidance to courts on juvenile justice

19.  Texas Court of Appeals offers new hope to offender convicted as juvenile

20. NY Times editorial on ending mass incarceration – 2014

21. Reducing need for incarceration

22. MacArthur Foundation provides $75 million to focus on incarceration issues

23. The drug war and origins of mass incarceration

24. “Second Look Act” in Connecticut

25. “Cut 50″…how to decrease the prison population by 50% in 10 years

26. Research funded by DOJ concecerning desistance by serious adolescent offenders

27: March 2015 Bipartisan Summit on Criminal Justice

28: Alabama non-profit advocating for children in adult prisons

29: Scandinavian prisons highlight a very different approach

30: All too often the children of prisoners are forgotten. Here’s a program designed to help them

31: Jail & bail come before prison. Research shows far too many poor people can’t afford bail.


32: Some folks believe that doing small repairs to a huge problem is not the right approach

33: Politicians of both parties see need for reform….here’s a Clinton overview

34: A congressman’s thoughts on bringing fairness to criminal justice

35. Why are so many minorities in prison?

36. The case against juveniles in adult prisons

37. Bi-partisan support for reform…..Newt Gingrich & Van Jones

38: More on bi-partisan support for reform

39: Results of the recent Texas legislative session concerning criminal justice issues

40: Ted talk about school/prison pipeline

41: UT Professor Michele Deitch….Why are we trying kids as adults?


42: Michele Deitch, expert on juvenile justice on kids in prison

43: Therapy more effective than punishment

44: Some of the history of mass incarceration